Lewis Winch because you can use this portable winch both as a primary or an auxiliary anchor winch for your boat.

As you know, an anchor winch is usually a rope winch that requires a constant pull by the operator to generate enough friction to wind up the anchor.

Our portable winch uses the motor of your chainsaw to do all the work with no effort by the operator.

Because the Lewis Winch is more powerful than most electric winches, it can retrieve a stuck anchor with its incredible pulling power without causing your boats batteries to deplete.

Draining your boat’s battery is a big no-no because you might get that anchor up, but then you might not be able to fire up your boat’s engine to go back to port! 

The Lewis Winch is powered by a chainsaw without a bar, so all you need is a little gas and you are set. This is a light-weight portable winch that is so easy to take with you anywhere you go that you will not want to go boating without it.

If you go hunting on your boat, the Lewis Winch is a must because you will be able to retrieve the animal from the bush without the mess of having to quarter it and you can pull it straight into your boat without having to carry it at all.

If the animal or any other heavy object you want to pull, is laying down in a ravine or around a hill, with the150 foot cable and a Lewis Winch Snatch Block, you can drag it into your boat even if you need to turn corners.

A Snatch Block will allow you not only to pull heavy objects around a corner, but it will also double the Lewis Winch’s pulling power. If you need to go around several corners, just figure out the angles and take a little time to set up one, two or as many Snatch Block as you need to do the job, then fire up the chainsaw and watch the Lewis Winch do all the work.

So if you think that our portable winch is only good as an anchor winch, think again - and join the thousands of satisfied customers who for the last 30 years have purchased a Lewis Winch and found a ton of uses for it.

The Lewis Winch can easily pull your boat out of any trouble!!
Do you own a boat with an anchor winch?

Do you own a boat without an anchor winch?

Regardless of which boat you own, you should be interested in purchasing a 
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