For the bigger boats with a permanently mounted anchor winch, our portable winch with its amazing 4,000 pounds of pulling power in a straight line - makes an excellent boat winch because it can retrieve your anchor when it gets stuck much easier and quicker than using your anchor winch and draining all the boatís batteries, sometimes without even accomplishing what electric winches are supposed to do in the first place - which is getting your anchor up in a safe and timely fashion.

For smaller boats with no anchor winch on board, our portable winch will not only rescue your boat off the sandbar, but the Lewis Winch can be used as a trailer winch to pull your boat right out of the water and up on your trailer waiting in the boat launch area.

And if you have no trailer and you carry your boat in the box of your pick up truck, by anchoring the Lewis Winch to a stake in the hole of the truck box or to an anchor ring in your truck box, you can pull the boat straight into your truck with minimum effort on your part.

Not only that, but our portable winch can be taken to shore to retrieve game, big rocks, firewood and logs. Make sure to anchor the Lewis Winch to something that weighs more than what you are trying to pull and donít forget to take a Lewis Winch Snatch Block (or two) in case you have to pull things around corners. The snatch block also doubles the pulling power of the Lewis Winch to 8000 pounds.

Itís always a good idea to also carry with you a Lewis Winch Tree-saver Belt so you donít damage the bark of a tree you are using to anchor our portable winch. Chains tend to strip off the bark so always remember that a tree will die without the protection of its bark.

You might also want to take with you a Lewis Winch Peavey Hook - if you think you will need to use a tree stump to anchor the winch.

The Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch Mount is an anchoring system that is excellent to mount on any 2Ē receiver in the back of a vehicle because it allows the winch to swivel and that makes it easy to roll the cable evenly back on the winch spool. And of course, itís also a great anchor for our portable winch.

Unlike portable or mounted electric winches, the Lewis Winch can be used where there is no electricity such as in a forest, in the desert, in fishing, hunting or logging camps and even in remote lakeside cabins.

And because the Lewis Winch is lightweight and easy to carry around, you can take it anywhere you go without needing too much space or overloading even the smallest of boats.

So whether you own a big boat with an anchor winch or a small boat without a boat winch or a trailer winch, make sure you cover all your bases and take your Lewis Winch boating with you. Who knows? It might even save your life one day!

Replace your hand crank winch with a Lewis Winch!
If you own a small boat, you probably donít have a boat winch on it. And you probably wish you did!

And if you own a bigger boat, you probably have a permanently mounted anchor winch. And you probably wish you didnít!
Why? Because it is very common for an anchor winch to break down when you need it the most, which is when your anchor gets stuck underwater.

Because larger boats are fitted with electric winches, it is also common for the anchor winch that is being used to try to get the anchor unstuck, to use so much power that it drains all the batteries onboard leaving you dead in the water - and with the anchor still stuck in the bottom of the ocean or the lake!

Owners of smaller boats without an anchor winch or any kind of boat winch know that if they get stuck on a sandbar, they will have to wait for the tide to come in and free them - sometimes wasting a whole precious day that could have been spent having fun out on the water.

But now boaters, with big and small vessels alike, have discovered the Lewis Winch - and they are making sure that they donít leave shore without it.

The Lewis Winch is a gas-powered portable winch that is so versatile that you will wonder how you ever went boating without it - because we guarantee you will find a ton of uses for it.
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