And if you are using your trailer to load logs or rocks or anything heavy you canít carry by yourself, you can rig this portable winch to a mount anywhere on the trailer and save you the heavy lifting.

Portable saw mill owners can pull logs straight into their trailer or into the box of their pickup truck.

Hunters find it easy to pull gear and/or game in and out of areas that are inaccessible to an off road atv.

Selective loggers and tree planters also find the Lewis Winch invaluable since there are areas where they can only walk into the forest and they have to leave their vehicles behind. Since this portable winch is so easy to carry, they do not hesitate to take the winch with them wherever they go.

Unlike a trailer winch that is permanently mounted, this portable winch can be detached from the trailer and taken anywhere you need to pull something you can not carry. 

So donít rely on your trailer winch when you can always use a Lewis Winch and do a lot more pulling than you will ever be able to do with your trailer winch.

There is nothing like a Lewis Winch. We guarantee that you will be a satisfied customer like many others who have purchased and used this portable winch for the last 30 years.

If you own a trailer with a hand winch - or no winch at all, then you should consider buying a Lewis Winch.

This portable winch is considered by many to be the most versatile tool on the market today.

The Lewis Winch is powered by any chainsaw without a bar and it can pull up to 4,000 pounds in a straight line. If you add a Lewis Winch Snatch Block, you can pull up to 8,000 pounds doubling your pulling power.

Snatch Blocks are also used to pull heavy objects around corners. So if there is something you want to drag up on your trailer, donít rely on your trailer winch that will only pull in one direction.
Load a trailer effortlessly with your Lewis Winch!
Trailer Winch
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Any chainsaw will do since the Lewis Winch comes with a Universal Adaptor Kit that allows you to attach the winch to any chainsaw, simply remove the cutter-bar and bolt on the Lewis Winch.

Take a few moments to set up the Snatch Blocks and anchor the Lewis Winch on your trailer. Fire up the chainsaw and watch the object you are trying to load, easily come your way turning those corners and right up into your trailer!

Our portable winch is the best trailer winch you will ever own.

You can pull your off road atv or your boat right on or off your trailer without the need of an electric winch that could drain your tow vehicleís batteries.

Lewis Winch pulls large rocks onto trailer!
Mount your Lewis Winch on your utility trailer!
Pull heavy loads onto your trailer using the Lewis Winch.
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