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Cannon Manufacturing was originally called Cannon Machine Works and was established in 1953 by Ernie Cannon in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Previously, Ernie was an employee of Burnett Power Saw and Engineering Works - who were in the business of manufacturing chainsaws and repairing chainsaw bars.

The ambitious Ernie decided to strike out on his own and he opened Cannon Machine Works at 625 Alexander Street in Vancouver, B.C. His company repaired chainsaws bars like Ernie's previous employer. Before long Ernie's company started manufacturing its own Cannon Chainsaw Bar, plus chainsaw bars for the giant McCulloch Chainsaw Company in Arizona, USA.

Eventually Cannon Machine Works sold one part of the company: the chainsaw bar business. That part of the company became Cannon Bar Works, which is still in business today, and continues to manufacture the best chainsaw bars in the world.

Cannon Machine Works continued its successful manufacturing business, expanding into new and different markets. The company is now known as Cannon Manufacturing Ltd. and it is located in a suburb of Vancouver.

As one of the many machine shops Vancouver has to offer, we pride ourselves in all of our cnc shop services as a machining company

Cannon Manufacturing

315A Levi St, New Westminster,
British Columbia, Canada V3M 4N4

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