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  • Ice Auger 8"
    Ice Auger 8Ice Auger 8

    Ice Auger 8"

    The Lewis 8 inch Ice Auger is a great compromise between the smaller 6 inch Ice Auger and the monster 10 inch. The 8 inch Ice Auger is only a couple pounds heavier than the 6 inch, so weight isn't a problem, but sometimes that couple inches in hole size can make a big difference.

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    Imagine using your chainsaw to drive your ice fishing auger. No extra engine to service and maintain, no more wondering if your dedicated power ice auger motor is going to start when you need it most, with the Lewis Multi Drill you can now use your trusty chainsaw, which is always up to the task.

    Like all Lewis Products, our power ice fishing augers are built tough. We just couldn't resist. We were building the Lewis Earth Augers with strong center shafts, heavy flutes and full welds - so we just couldn't see our ice fishing augers built flimsy.

    We admit that they weigh a pound or two more than our competitors, but that's a small price to pay for something that will probably last you the rest of your life. You will never have to worry about bending a center shaft on one of these augers.

    We also wanted to be sure that the cutters on our Lewis Ice Augers are made of a material that would wear well and stay sharp. Our engineers experimented with several alloy materials before deciding on a special alloy steel that is imported from Germany.

    The cutters on the Lewis Ice Augers are easily removable for sharpening or replacement.

    The powerful Lewis Multi Drill coupled to any one of the 3 different sizes of Lewis Ice Fishing Augers, make a nice package that can easily be carried and operated by one man out on the ice all day long.

    When a Lewis Ice Auger is attached to the Lewis Multi Drill and chainsaw assembly, a powerful ice drilling machine is created.

    This auger has heavy 1/16 inch thick flutes fully welded to a 1 3/8 inch center shaft. This Ice Auger has two alloy cutters that are easy to remove to sharpen or replace.

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