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The Lewis Winch is a light weight portable winch that uses any standard chainsaw as a drive motor.

It will pull up to 4,000 pounds in a straight line or 8,000 pounds using one Lewis Winch Snatch Block.

The Lewis Winch is built with a lightweight aluminum body, steel gears and it comes with 150 feet of extremely strong aircraft cable.
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8,000 pounds of portable pulling power
No other winch can do that for you!

The Lewis Winch was originally designed 40 years ago to provide an economical means of skidding logs out of the forest while doing minimal environmental damage to the area.

Since then, owners of our portable winch have found a ton of other uses for it.

Boaters use the Lewis Winch as a boat trailer winch to pull their vessels out of the water. They also use it as an auxiliary boat winch in case the anchor gets stuck. Electric winches can quickly drain your boat’s batteries, but the Lewis Winch will never do that.
And what about hunters who shoot a moose or a deer only to watch the animal fall in the middle of a swamp or die in a deep ravine?

You know you are in trouble when your off road atv can't travel into the area to go retrieve the animal carcass.

You know you will have to climb down to the swamp and probably stand in knee-deep freezing water while you quarter the animal to make it easier to carry it on your back or to drag it up the hill through the mud or snow. Not a pretty picture.

So again, what’s the solution? Always carry a Lewis Winch with you!

The Lewis Winch works great in situations like this and it is the ultimate atv accessory.

Simply find a tree, stump or rock to anchor the Lewis Winch or use your off road atv as an anchor, then pull the Lewis Winch cable down to where the animal fell.  Attach the cable to the animal, fire up the chainsaw attached to the winch and you will see how easily our portable winch will pull the animal right up to the trail where your off road atv is parked.

If instead, you have your pick up truck waiting for you, anchor the Lewis Winch with a stake in the truck box so that you can pull the animal straight into your truck.
Armed forces, police departments and fire and rescue agencies are some of our best customers.

Armed forces all over the world use the Lewis Winch to quickly upright heavy armor vehicles. Construction companies also use our portable winch to upright heavy-duty trucks and cranes that have tipped over.

In 2004, a miner in Norway was saved after falling 800 feet down a narrow shaft in the ground by pulling him up with a Lewis Winch.

When a police car or a search and rescue vehicle encounters an overturned car on the side of a rural highway with people inside trapped upside down in a water-filled ditch, they know that calling and waiting for a tow truck to arrive on the scene might take too long and that lives could be lost.

Instead of rescuers standing helplessly around while these trapped people die inside the overturned car, these rescuers can quickly pull out our portable winch stored in the trunk of their squad cars, anchor the Lewis Winch to something nearby and then easily pull the car right side up, hopefully saving these people's lives.
SAR teams looking at the Lewis Winch
A hunter pulls animal right into truck box!
The Lewis Winch comes with an adaptor kit to fit any chainsaw in the market.
Have you ever had your off road atv stuck in the mud or in a creek?

If you have, then you know that using electric winches that come attached to the front of all terrain vehicles might get you into worse trouble.

First, you can only winch forward and that might get you into even deeper water.

And second, electric winches can quickly drain the small battery in your off road atv and that could stall your engine - and when your engine dies and your battery is dead, you are in real trouble.

So what’s the solution? Always carry a portable winch with you!

The Lewis Winch is a lightweight portable winch powered by a chainsaw.  Strap this gas-powered winch on the rack on the back of your off road atv before you go anywhere.

So if you find yourself up a creek without a paddle, simply pull out your reliable Lewis Winch, anchor it to any nearby stationary object such as a big rock or a tree, attach the cable to your off road atv and start pulling it out of the water in any direction you wish.
Lewis Winch skids 2,000 lb log!
Lewis Winch pulls deer up steep ravine!
Fits all chainsaws...
even electric saws!
Lewis Winch and Ground Anchor Skid Maple Logs
Watch how the Lewis Winch uses the ingenious Ground Anchor
to accurately skid
a whole grove of
maple trees
to buck it up
and use for firewood.
The new Lewis Chainsaw Drill
Watch the amazing Lewis Winch on TV's Yukon Men
The Lewis Winch moves these heavy maple logs with ease!
The Lewis Winch as seen on the TV Discovery Channels Yukon Men!
Look at the power of the Lewis Winch as it pulls this very large log!
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